Moving to Spain

moving to spainMoving to Spain is a dream of many people. Because of Spain’s lovely climate, culture, cost, standard of living and beauty, record numbers of people relocate to its shores every single year. However, there is a downside to moving abroad that most people never think about. When you understand why people return home after moving to Spain, you can avoid those pitfalls and succeed in fulfilling your new life in Spain.

Make sure you choose a location that fulfills your daily needs in Spain. Find a location that is close to the supermarket, a school, a doctor’s office and even a hairdresser. Find the location you enjoy most, and consider how practical your life would be there daily before you choose the perfect spot.

The hardest time in a new country is the first two years. This is the time that you build up knowledge of the area, people, customs and language to make you feel at home. It takes a big effort on your part to feel like you belong in your Spanish community. Get out in public and get to know people, their customs and the area surrounding you.

Another reason people end up leaving Spain is health and well-being. The problem is the quality of healthcare along with the price. Before you move, take a look at the health care facilities in Spain. Think about long-term and respite care. Think about health insurance and check out costs to cover your family.

Running out of money is another reason people move back out of Spain. If you move to Spain in hopes of finding work, you should realize that the unemployment in Spain is above the EU average. If you are not speaking fluent Spanish, you might struggle finding work in Spain. Do the best you can to learn the Spanish language before moving.

Anyone and everyone can survive in Spain. To do so, you must always consider your financial position before you make any decision to move.

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