Pet Global Relocation

Relocating is seldom easy and international moves can test even the most adventurous and resourceful families. Moving with a beloved pet can add an extra level of challenge; however, if you follow these tips, global relocation with your pet can go a lot more smoothly.

Know the Rules Governing Importing Pets at Your Destination

Moving Your PetSome destinations require more documentation than others, and some also may require a period of quarantine. Almost everywhere requires veterinary records showing that your cat or dog has had their rabies vaccination. Be certain that you have multiple copies of these records and that they are very clear about the vaccinations given and date of administration. In some circumstances, you may wish to have these documents translated; however, because this can be expensive, you may wish to confer with the consulate/embassy of your destination country. We can also help you answer many of these questions at the beginning of your relocation process.

Arrange Pet Transportation Details Well in Advance

Last minute purchase of an appropriate carrier or kennel leaves no time for your cat or dog to become accustomed to its new environment, creating additional stress for them and for you. Instead, acquire the crate more than a week in advance to allow your pet to explore its transportation to your new home. This will give them a chance to become familiar with its scent, which is especially important for dogs who have not been crate-trained or pets with anxious dispositions. For those pets who do not travel well, this is also the time to discuss sedation with your veterinarian. These steps can help with a safer, more efficient move.

Make Sure Your Destination Can Accommodate Pets

Unfortunately, many apartments around the world do not allow pets on the premises, especially larger dogs. It is advised to get the pet policy of any rental property in writing prior to signing any contract or agreement. For those moving with cats, in many places, they are easier to house than our canine friends, although apartments or rental homes may stipulate only one cat per home or specify that the cat must be trained, which will certainly stymie any cat-owner.

Relocating Pet

Overall, the process can be daunting, but the rewards of relocating globally with your pet are many, including the comfort of bringing a living part of home with you in the form of your cat or dog. Having them with you can not only substantially ease the stress of the move and the new environment, but also makes certain that you have a friend to share in your new experiences and adventures.

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