The Top 3 Causes of Delay in Global Air Freight

Global Air FreightOver the past few decades, the world has seemed to grow increasingly smaller as people are able to send goods across the planet with less and less hassle. A big reason for this is the very fast delivery service provided by global air freight.

Despite all the efficiency that these kinds of air freight companies provide, there are still times when they will experience some sort of a delay. Below, we’ll present the three primary reasons for delays in global air freight operations.

1. Inclement Weather

As much as companies have managed to turn their entire operations into tightly-run processes, there are still elements that are completely unpredictable. This is why the most common cause of delay comes from bad weather.

When planes are simply unable to take off from their departure airport due to heavy storms, ice on the runway, or thick fog, the reliability of major shipping organizations goes right out the window.

2. Customs Delays

In an increasingly global world, it’s becoming more common for products and goods to be shipped from one country into another. This is typically not much of a problem, but there can always be some kind of a global air freight delay when the shipments arrive at customs.

While most shipments make it through customs very fast, there are occasionally times when the entire system breaks down and leaves goods in limbo for far too long. This is when major delays start to pile up and cause significant problems throughout the entire supply chain.

3. Congestion

Air Freight

It’s no secret that more and more companies are trying to get into the shipping game. This means that each company needs to be as professional as possible in terms of getting things sent off and delivered on time.

The truth of the matter is that some companies are professional, and others are not. The less-successful companies tend to cause minor problems within their own processes that will eventually lead to major issues for freight carriers all throughout the globe.

If there is a significant global air freight delay, you can feel pretty confident that this is going to be one of the main issues. By choosing more professional shipping organizations, you can usually avoid these problems.

Even with all of the possible sources of delay, it’s important to remember that global air freight is generally a reliable resource for getting products delivered on time.

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