How Are My Animals Being Cared For Prior to Overseas Transport?

Animals and overseas transport services can help put your mind at ease while preparing your pet for transport. Animal shipping has specific requirements to meet airline specifications and import guidelines for the receiving country. Countries require that specific vaccinations be administered and test results submitted before an animal can be cleared for import. Specifically, most animals require a rabies test, vaccinations and shots in a specific order and time period. The safety of your pet is the first concern of a company that specializes in animals and overseas transport methods.
Pet Relocation

Pet relocation services can take care of the paperwork for you and provide the help you need when transporting your pet. Most airlines require that you check your pet. Checking your pet is a requirement especially when attempting overseas travel. Certain airlines, may allow you to carry your pet on the plane with you, but your animal must meet specific requirements. International travel can be stressful for animals and overseas transport may require your pet to undergo several hours without much room for movement. Additionally, securing a carrier that won’t come open or break during transport is also important. Most airlines require that your pet be able to stand up and move around inside the carrier. Avoid getting the biggest carrier you can though. The safest carrier is one that allows freedom of movement while limiting space. By choosing the right size carrier, you can prevent an incident where your pet slides around in a carrier with too much room.

VeterinarianLayovers and other delays can extend the amount of time your pet stays in the cargo hold, so it’s important that you follow the airlines instructions for providing food and water to your pet. Many airlines require that the pet eat and drink at least four hours before the flight and that you arrive at the airport earlier than a normal passenger. Arranging a flight for your pet also has it’s own set of issues since most airlines have specific timelines. Depending on the airline, you may need to book a flight months in advance, while other airlines may prevent you from arranging the flight until two weeks before the flight.

With everything that is involved in taking your pet overseas, it is important to start early enough to get all of your shots and paperwork in order. Most pet owners start six months to a year in advance of importing their pet to another country. Provided you follow the rules of the importing country, secure a safe and airline approved carrier and make the proper arrangements with the airline you can make the process of importing your pets a safe and efficient experience.

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