When is the Best Time of Year to Move Overseas from the USA?


If you live in the United States of America and are planning to move overseas, you probably have a lot of decisions that you have to make, such as where you’re going to work and where you’re going to send your kids to school. Have you thought about when you’ll actually make the move, though?


The best time of year for overseas moving depends on where you live and where you want to move to. The first concern you should have is safety. For instance, don’t plan on moving out of your old home during hurricane season unless you can be flexible with your departure date and wouldn’t mind evacuating your home if a storm comes, even if you still have a lot of preparing to do. Don’t forget to research about your new home’s climate, too. If you’re going to be moving to an area that’s susceptible to floods or fires, give yourself plenty of time to settle in and waterproof or fireproof your house before flood or fire season.

School and Work

If you have school-age children, check to see when the school year begins before you move overseas. While kids are generally able to deal with new situations well, it would be good for your family to move to your new home a few weeks or so before the start of the new school year. This will give your kids a chance to get used to their surroundings, plus they won’t worry about all the problems that come with starting a new school mid-year. If you haven’t lined up a job already, the best time of year for international travel is during whatever is considered the “busy season” for your line of work so you can find a job quickly.


Before deciding when to make the big move, check the cost of overseas travel. By traveling and hiring an international moving company during the off-season, you could save a lot of cash while still getting reliable and efficient service. Traveling during the fall is usually cost efficient since summer vacations are over and Christmas break hasn’t begun.

The best time of year to move overseas depends on many different factors. By taking the weather, school and work schedules and cost into consideration, you’ll be able to figure out when you and your family should move to your new home.

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