Settling Down After Your Family’s Overseas Relocation

Following an overseas relocation, it may be difficult to put your household back in order again, especially if you’re undergoing an international move with children or teens. Here are a few tips for getting things back to normal again after your family moves abroad.

1. Taking Time to Regroup

An international move can be exhausting for everyone, even energetic young people. While it is important not to live with a house full of boxes and crates for too long, it is just as important to take time to rest and regroup as a family upon arrival in your new country. Whether it’s just over night or over a weekend, the respite will allow your bodies to adjust to a new time zone and give you time to make decisions regarding everything from bedroom choice to furniture placement.

2. Unpacking and Set Up


After your brief rest, your family should begin the job of unpacking and settling into your new home. You may be waiting for some belongings to arrive, but if you scheduled your international move in advance, everything may already be there, just awaiting your arrival. In either case, it is important to begin unpacking what’s there and ready to give the new home a feeling of warmth and welcome for everyone, especially the children, who may feel uncertain in the new, unfamiliar environment.

3. Getting to Know Your New Community

This part may certainly be more fun than unpacking. As soon as feasible, start venturing out together as a family away from the home and into the surrounding area. You should learn where important shops and services are located, including schools, grocery stores, parks and playgrounds, and family-friendly restaurants. This is also a good time to set boundaries for your older children and teens, letting them know where they may or may not go alone in the city.

4. Connecting with Friends and Family

Social MediaThe most difficult part of any long-distance move is the sense of losing friends and family who have remained behind in your home country. Children and teenagers may feel this even more keenly than adults; therefore, it is important to find ways for them to stay connected with those left behind. Thanks to the Internet, your family has no shortage of ways to stay connected after an international move. Prior to departure, you may wish to encourage relatives to create accounts online through various social media outlets, especially those your child already use.

Settling down after traveling oversea can be challenging for many families, but given time, everything usually works itself out for the better, especially if you put in some time prior to the move to make things easier for yourself afterward and remember to take it easy once you reach your destination.

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