Filing an Insurance Claim After Goods Have Been Lost or Damaged

When you move to another country, you expect your goods and personal items to arrive in excellent condition. To the dismay of many travelers, their items sometimes arrive partially or completely damaged. You should have purchased a comprehensive international mover’s insurance plan. An international mover also should examine their options when buying insurance plans. Having more insurance than you need would save you money and time rather than not having enough insurance in the event of an accident. If you have to file an insurance claim, you must make sure to take the appropriate steps to ensure that your claim goes through the process.

Inventory Sheet

MovingChecklistThe inventory sheet represents one of the most important details of the international mover and their claim. When the moving company packs up your belongings, they should have a detailed sheet that identifies every item to be moved. The person moving to another country needs to check that list thoroughly to note any misinformation before the move occurs. If you encounter damaged items, you must report them on the inventory sheet before you send it to the moving company. Be sure to include a detailed description of all damaged items. This will make your claim stronger and more likely to pass through the insurance system.

Liability Amount

MoneyYou must declare a certain liability amount for your goods. The shipping company will not be liable for amounts that exceed your request. In other words you should not try to file a claim for more money than you agreed to in the beginning. Your claim will be met with a lot more resistance this way. If your liability claim amounts to 4,000 dollars, then the company does not have to pay more than 4,000 dollars for lost or damaged items. Keep this in mind when looking for a company and deciding on an amount.

You could always report a moving company to the better Business Bureau if you suspect that you have been treated unfairly. You should give the company time to settle your claim before you seek outside help. The company has a time limit, and you should not react against them until the time limit has passed. Filing an insurance claim can be a slow process, but you will eventually get the payment you deserve for lost or damaged items.

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