What’s Discussed During an International Moving Company’s In-Home Estimate?

One important aspect of overseas relocating is getting an estimate for the move. No sensible international moving company can offer a realistic estimate purely through the Internet, although many may offer a more general figure for an overseas relocation. Too many factors go into calculating the cost for this to be done precisely without either a phone interview or even better, an in-home estimate. But what exactly goes into an in-home estimate from a professional overseas moving company?

Professional MoverAfter you’ve chosen a reliable and professional international mover from whom to get your estimate, you will schedule a convenient in-home visit from a trusted representative. This person is familiar with all aspects of moving overseas from marine insurance to shipment tracking and beyond. Also, he or she will be quite knowledgeable and able to walk you through the process step-by-step as well as give you a detailed estimate that will let you know where every penny goes in terms of paying for the move.

During the in-home estimate, the representative will walk through your home with you to get an idea of the scope of the move and to evaluate the number of boxes/crates and packing material would be needed for the job. You may be asked about over-sized furniture and whether certain appliances will be moved or remain with the house. For example, many people take their washer and dryer with them, depending on where they will relocate, but fewer people these days take the refrigerator.

DishwareAnother important issue to be discussed are breakables, like dishware, glassware, fine China, mirrors and delicate knickknacks or heirlooms. These may require special packing and labeling for shipment in order to arrive securely at your new destination abroad. Rest assured, these questions are merely precautionary – the overwhelming majority of such objects do arrive safe-and-sound, in part because of proper preparations and packing.

You may also be asked about items in storage areas, such as attics or basements, and what will join you overseas and what will remain behind in secure storage. This is to get the best idea possible of the total volume to be shipped using either International Air or Sea Freight.

At the end of the visit, you will have an in-home estimate that will let you know what your move will cost, but also how it will be conducted, which can offer you real peace of mind. With I Love Moving, we make sure to provide you with an accurate in-home estimate. We won’t give you added fees later, as we promise to provide one price and stick with it.


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