Is a Primary Contact Usually Assigned When Working with an International Mover?



Today is the day that you stop worrying about your international move and look forward to the day you call a new city home. As one of the largest professional international movers, we can assist you with everything from protecting your valuables to packing up your entire home, but we also give you some simple tips that can make your move a little easier. When you move from one country to the next, you’ll often need a primary contact, which can give you peace of mind.

What is a Primary Contact?

A primary contact is someone who acts as your best friend during your move. Your professional international movers will give you a contact within the company, and that person can answer any questions that you might have and give you some help along the way. Let’s say that you suddenly remember that you have a few pieces of jewelry tucked away in your jewelry box. Your contact can help you decide how to ship and pack those pieces. A primary contact does more than just give you tips for shipping your belongings to your next home. Your contact can help you stay informed of everything that happens during your move.

Why Choose a Contact?

The biggest reason why we suggest that our clients use a primary contact is because we know that they want to stay informed of any issues during transport. If you have ever changed locations before, you probably found yourself concerned and worried about your items. You wanted to know when those boxes and crates would make it to you and what time the international mover would arrive on your doorstep. When you have a primary contact, you’ll have someone who knows everything there is to know about your items. You can find out where the movers are on the road, where your crates are in transport and when you can expect everything.

Assigning a Contact

After looking at the benefits associated with having a primary contact, you might want to contact your mover for help. Not all companies offer primary contacts for those making an international move, but when you choose a good international mover, you’ll receive a contact. When comparing rates and getting quotes from different companies, always ask if you’ll have a primary contact within that company. When you choose us, we’ll assign someone to keep an eye on your belongings, help you choose between different shipping methods and ensure that you’re happy with your move.

At I Love Moving, we make sure to take away your anxiety when transferring overseas. This is why we are fully prepared to provide you a primary contact who will support you on your international move.

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