What is the Best Method to Shipping My Household Goods Overseas?

Sea FreightMoving abroad can make you feel like walking on air. Maybe you’ve spent years dreaming about living in Paris, or maybe you love the idea of living in a small town just outside of London. No matter where you want to move to, we can help you decide which shipping method is the right option for you. Shipping household goods can involve movers carefully packing every item in your house or only packing a few things. Household goods include furniture, clothing, decorations and hundreds of other smaller items. The best type of shipping for those items often depends on your budget.

Air or Sea?

When you look for professional international movers, always look at the difference between international air freight and international sea freight. With air freight, the international moving company will send your belongings to your new home via an airplane, but you can also choose to move your items via ship. Shipping your item by sea is a little more affordable, but some people find that they prefer the speed of air freight.

Whole House Moving or Shipping?

Packing up your house can take weeks. You need to find the right size boxes, locate packing supplies, make shipping lists and individually wrap and package hundreds of things. If you prefer letting someone else do all that work, consider choosing whole house shipping. With this shipping method, the company will let you go through your house and decide what you want to take and what you want to leave. Movers will carefully pack up all your belongings, load those boxes onto trucks and then transfer those boxes onto a plane or ship. While whole house shipping is more expensive, many people prefer the convenience of this shipping method.

The Best Option

Storage UnitThe best option for shipping household goods depends on a number of factors. You need to take into account when you need your items and how much money you can spend. When looking at various companies and looking at how to ship your treasured belongings, you want to look for a reliable company that offers security options. This might include a company that uses locks on all shipping containers, keeps detailed lists of all items and stays in touch with you throughout the moving process.

Shipping household goods through a reputable company will give you some peace of mind and you’ll know that your boxes will arrive exactly when you need your things. I Love Moving has trained staff who know what items need custom crates and we provide you with shipment tracking. We want you to be as comfortable as possible with your overseas transition, which is why we go above and beyond to make sure your items are shipped properly.


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