Choosing a Home When Moving Overseas

Moving abroad is a time of change and growth but the transition itself can pose many challenges. Often times, families have to move overseas due to a parent’s new career. Since businesses are expanding to various countries, this has become an increasingly popular situation. Packing is time consuming but choosing a house abroad can be an absolute nightmare.

First Ask Yourself the Following Questions to Eliminate Any Confusion :

  • Would you rather live on the countryside or perhaps a family oriented suburb?
  • Is walking distance to a bar important or do you want to be near the parks?
  • Do you want to be close to the beach?
  • Are you near sports facilities, shopping centers, and nightlife?
  • What’s the deal with the neighbors?

Factor in Your Budget

Of course factoring in your budget is a no brainer. What you may not know is that banks in foreign lands are much more stringent when it comes to making payments on time. It is advised to set up a direct debit so you can make regulated payments. Additionally, keep in mind the cost of taxes. In some countries, these can be through the roof. Countries such as the UK and France have extremely high taxes when purchasing a home.

Remember the Two Stage Process

A contract will be submitted which displays who is buying what from whom. In the first stage, a contract states both the owner and buyer’s commitment to the deal. The contract is generally attached to a form of deposit with a closing contract which finalizes the deal.

Often times before the move, a raft of checks are made which include the legal status of the property, plans for new development, any current debts, covenants and the physical condition of the building.
It’s crucial to recognize that purchasing a home abroad requires a series of steps that will be time consuming.

Use an Estate Agent

Purchasing a home directly from the home owner is a great bargain but if you have a difficult time with the foreign language, an estate agent is the perfect resource. A professional agent is obligated to provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision. This person also can help you successfully avoid being trapped into a faulty contract or being roped into a commitment that doesn’t fit your needs.

When you do find the right house, have your documents translated ASAP. You cannot assume that everyone is trustworthy and will steer you in the right direction. Always be prepared for the worst so you can receive the best.
If you are seriously considering purchasing property abroad, the professionals at I Love Moving have a wealth of knowledge. With years of experience, we have seen various situations and can assist you with your new home search. Our team at I Love Moving has contacts with many agents abroad and would be glad to get you the home you deserve.

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