International Moving by Sea

International Moving Services

Here at I Love Moving we are dedicated to making your moving experience as painless as possible. We understand that moving your family overseas is a big step. Our international moving services are designed to make it as easy as possible to move your family abroad.

Professional International Moving Services

I Love Moving has years of experience as an international moving company. We have a track record of thousands of successful international moves. We are fully insured and licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission as an NVOCC (non vessel operator common carrier). We’re also card carrying members of the International Association of Movers (IAM).


What exactly does all that mean?

It means that each person at I Love Moving is a dedicated professional. Our customers are our first priority. Everyone at I Love Moving treats each international move like it was their own.

Save on International Moving Services, No Hidden Fees

Just because it’s an international move does not mean it has to cost you a fortune.

Often times homeowners feel rushed during an international move, and they don’t feel like they have the time to organize and map out a moving budget beforehand. This can be a costly mistake, taking the time to make a budget can have a dramatic affect on the bottom line.

I Love Moving wants to help you do just that.

The first thing you should do when creating your budget is to list all of the items in your home. Once you have that list completed, sit down with your entire family and go over it piece by piece.

Going over the list, mark each item with one of these three labels: Must-Have, Maybe, and Throw Away/Donate.

When you have the list completed, and have decided on the items you’re going to take, we can determine the costs based on the volume of your move.

After you have the total expenses of your move, you can then decided if you’d like to trim a little more by removing some of the heavier items. If you’d like to trim down the expenses even more, you can evaluate some of the items you decided to keep that were labeled as ‘maybe’

There are two basic types of international moving by sea when using an international moving company.

FCL – Full container load. Your goods will be shipped in one or more dedicated shipping containers. Where possible, the container is loaded at your residence and unloaded at your new residence overseas. This is generally the fastest form of Ocean Freight. The container will go straight to the port once loaded and will generally be on the water within a week. Your container is sealed at pick-up, and the seal is broken upon delivery unless inspected by customs.

LCL – Less container load. This is a more cost effective way to ship a smaller load. Goods will be consolidated with other loads into a larger container. This method takes a little longer as the container only leaves when it is full.

Here is how I Love Moving calculates the costs of your international move:

  • Costs of export documents
  • Insurance costs (about 3% of the value of goods being shipped)
  • FAF (Fuel Adjustment Factor)
  • Determine total cubic feet or kilograms of shipment
  • Calculate price per cubic feet or kilogram
  • Port fee or THC (Terminal Handling Charge)

I Love Moving will help you with budgeting and planning for your international move. Call I Love Moving today and ask to speak to one of our experienced shipping agents. All our estimates are free.