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What You Should Know About Overseas Moving to Turkey

Overseas Moving to Turkey? We are an expert team of international movers that offer complete overseas moving to Turkey. I Love Moving can help you to navigate all the details of overseas moving to Turkey to make your transition as stress free as possible. Our ocean and air freight and vehicle shipping options provide smooth door to door service for all of your possessions large and small. Ready to learn a little more about your new home?


Turkey lies between Asia and Europe. The tourism industry in Turkey has grown rapidly in recent years, helping to boost the country’s economy. Turkey’s economy is largely dependent on a number of industries, including manufacturing, automobiles, textiles, electronics, etc. If you’re considering overseas moving to Turkey to work, you will be happy to learn that the unemployment rate in the country has decreased recently. Although the capital of Turkey is Ankara, the largest city in the country is Istanbul. Istanbul is the economic and financial hub of Turkey. The rich, ancient history and its unique culture attract thousands of tourists every year. The currency in Turkey is the Turkish Lira (TRY). It’s better to consult your international relocation experts to find the best method of exchanging your currency before moving there. The official language in Turkey is Turkish, and learning a bit of Turkish will help you adapt to the culture a lot easier. Also, be sure to consult with your global relocation specialist regarding your visa application. Visa application can take up to few months, so make sure you leave yourself enough time before overseas moving to Turkey!

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