We offer an array of services including 30 days of free storage.

At I Love Moving, we’re more than just your typical international moving company, we offer an array of services including 30 days of free storage. Our team has been working with individuals and families for years, assisting with packing and transporting goods to hundreds of destinations. Unlike other movers, we stay true to our word while offering safe and secure storage facilities.

What are the Benefits of Using our Storage Facilities?

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From large valuables like living room couches to smaller items including computers and kitchenware, we can make room for all your precious goods.

You may be wondering how we keep tracking of your belongings or how we keep these items absolutely safe. The team at I Love Moving has undergone extensive training and thorough background checks so you know your items are in good hands. With our high-security cameras and around-the-clock monitoring, your belongings are never out of our sight.

Are Storage Facilities Costly?

Storage facilities at I Love Moving are not costly at all. If you’re short on cash, we offer 30 days FREE storage after pick-up on all LCL shipment and all FCL shipments not loaded at residence. All of our containers are organized and labeled so there is never a delay in receiving your belongings. Along with this, we offer long term storage solutions at competitive pricing and each of our warehouses are completely insured. During the evenings, we have high voltage lighting so we can always keep an eye on each crate or box.

At our in-home estimate, we can discuss your budget and provide the various storage options.  If you’re making a permanent move abroad, it is much more resourceful to keep your valuables in the storage facility located in the United States.  Once you have chosen a new location you can always contact us and we will ship your goods over immediately. We can also arrange storage in your destination country prior to delivery, just ask your rep. When you’re ready for your goods, they’re already in the country and you will get them much faster.

Let I Love Moving be your number one choice for moving and storage options when traveling abroad. Our consultants are on call 24/7 to answer every question.

Where Does I Love Moving Ship to?

What are the Benefits of Working with I Love Moving?

There are many benefits when working with the team at I Love Moving. We provide more than just secure and monitored storage facilities. Our professional international moving company offers around the clock service, free estimates, free boxes and we can even craft custom crates just for you. We run a completely licensed, bonded and insured company with an in-depth knowledge on the moving process. Contact our team to learn more about our services!

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